Your One Person Mystery

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What is behind the door?

A mystery perhaps?

Or possibly the most important answer to one of your biggest questions?

The only way to know for sure is to open the door.

And when you do you’ll discover the perfect client just for you.

No. There isn’t a mirror behind the door.

You are not your perfect client so don’t expect to see yourself there.

Maybe shades of you are there, but trust me you are not your own perfect client.

But one person is. Yes. Just one person.

Your one person.

What follows is a way for you to overcome the biggest challenge any business has ever faced since humans started doing business on this planet.

Especially for any business focused on delivering the best possible results for other people.

I’m talking about your business.

Yes. Your business.

Why? Because I know how much you struggle sometimes to make certain you are delivering the best possible results for your clients.

How do I know? Simple. I have been there too.

Yep. Right along with thousands of other owners who already know the territory.

You are not alone. It is a path all of us have walked. New and veteran owners alike.

No matter what your business is, unless you learn how to collect, grow and rally your own crowd, fans, audience or tribe, your business will likely fail.

Look at any other business around you.

Is there any business that does not depend on having an interested audience ready, willing and able to exchange their own value (monies etc.) for what that particular business offers?

Maybe that interested audience is 1,000 people or 10,000 people.

Perhaps it is 1,000,000,000 people or as few as 100 people.

Maybe it is only 10 people.

Businesses must have clients who are happy to spend money on the services or products a business offers.

How many clients a business needs is not the issue. Those numbers will vary widely depending on a given business.

However there is always a common thread…

Whatever the number of clients a business needs to survive, thrive and succeed is, everything comes down to only One Person.

We all start out at the same place. With that very first customer or client. Just One Person.

Since the concept of our own One Person is that common thread, why don’t we as business owners put more effort into figuring out who our one perfect client is or who exactly we might want them to be?

After all one of the key benefits of being your own boss is the ability to work with, and provide services for the clients you really want to work with.

Does it always work out that way?

Do you always get to work only with who you want to work with?

Of course not. Other prospects will show up besides your One Person.

No one is being eliminated here. Those you are supposed to work with will still show up. That’s how business works.

But you get to do the work you love to do anyway plus you get paid too (and that is always a winning outcome).

However when you get crystal clear on who your perfect client is, or who you want them to be, your One Person tends to show up for you more often.

Your One Person also tends to show up more often where you actively market and promote your business.

And you will, over time, begin to attract an entire crowd of your One Person.

Your One Person will also resonate more with the online and offline content you create for marketing, for digital information products you offer and for the eLearning experiences you create.

Your HUGE benefit is just how much easier it becomes to create and develop quality content, products, services or programs to do the work you love to do.

By creating for One Person you actually end up creating for an entire crowd of your One Person.

Think how much easier your business and marketing life will be when you only need to focus on what you say to the listening of your One Person and not to the listening of the unknown masses.

Plus the sooner you get started revealing the mystery of who your One Person is (or may be), the sooner results show up.

So grab your paper and a pen and write down your best answer for each of the questions in this One Person Discovery Tool.

Right click and ‘save as’: One Person Discovery Tool PDF

And if any question pops up in your mind that is not in the PDF, go ahead and write down your own question (along with the answer) too.

What if you don’t know an answer? That’s okay. Write down something anyway.

You get to choose. Remember, this is the One Person you can’t wait to work with more and attract more of!

By the time you are through answering the 50 questions in the PDF, your One Person will feel much more tangible for you and the work you do.

Yes. This exercise will take time and practice so allowing marinating time is perfectly fine.

I’ll encourage you to keep adding questions too because 50 answers about your One Person is a great start but 100 or more answers is even better.

You cannot have too much information about your One Person.

You may find this kind of work playful and fun. Or you may not be the least bit excited about what this means for your business and don’t understand why this kind of work is important.

Regardless of how you feel about doing your One Person work, you will always benefit from doing everything it takes to get to know your own One Person better.

This work helps you to know who to look for before your One Person ever shows up and to recognize them in the clients you already work with.

Once you have a good feel for your One Person, clarity on a grander scale to effectively market your business is ready to blossom.

Need some help? Let me know here (no charge).

And if you want to go even deeper, try on an affordable 20 minute Clear Focus session.