Social Footprint(s)

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Your most valuable digital social venue of all time?

Hands down it has to be eMail.

Followed closely by great conversations inside member only digital spaces like forums or social media groups both public and private.

Where do you leave most of your digital footprints on the web if you don’t mind me asking?

Launching two courses this week is keeping me hopping on the digital footprint trail.

For example, here’s something I just shared inside a private member space to help the teachers and producers there. I also knew you would like to see too:

( link mentioned in the video.)

This video is also an example of repurposing your content.

Besides this blog post, it is also published in a free to join private eLearning community along with the audio (mp3), on YouTube and on my G+ personal account as a share.


Now you know why the (s) is in parentheses.