Relevant Research Revisited

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At altitude the air is thin. But when you catch that view there is no place you would rather be.

Your perspective is spectacular from way up there (both metaphorically and physically).

Research plays a huge role in the development of any content, digital information product or eLearning course you make for the audience you serve.

Without research what you end up with is a product or a course based on supposition and justification.

Merely an opinion with no substance and little (if any) real value for those you seek to serve.

Sure you’ll get something produced but will an audience pay attention (or money) for your labor of love?

Probably not.

Of course if you’re building something because you have got to build something no matter what any audience might want, then have at it.

Never let anyone talk you out of getting the music inside of you out.

Research is irrelevant when art has to be born. But there is no reason you can’t do both.

Why not let the video below show you the focal point for the quality of research required to launch something worthy of the work you love to?

Based on From the Mountain Top, this training is more than enough to give you a birds eye view.

If you want to know if your ideas merit further research start here:

Stick with extracting an unbiased answer to each one of those three questions presented in the video and you will be well on your way to building what your crowd asks for.

And if you get stuck up on the mountain let me know.

Always here to lend a hand or a knowing ear if what you desire most is to be heard.