Media Plan Magic

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By any other name they still deliver the same magic.

Media plans (media blueprints) have been essential moving parts for highly effective project management long before ad agencies tried hiding them behind smoke and mirrors.

Watch this short video to start the conversation:

Elements included in any basic media plan are simple…

Phase I – Teaser

A teaser is the sizzle that sells your steak. Before you start any kind of promotion, offer or launch, you’ll want to tease the audience and begin building the buzz.

This phase is often the most overlooked piece of the marketing puzzle producers miss.

Phase II – Promotion & Benefit Build

This is where the bigger picture of your product or project is revealed to your hungry crowd so the conversations go deeper and speak to the listening of raving fans.

Free high value content support pieces specific to your project are publicized widely.

Phase III – Event

All media plans (or blueprints) start organizing in this phase as the project is defined as an event even if the project has zero to do with what many think of as an event.

Events can be anything and represent the actual tipping point of your call to action.

Phase IV – Post Event

Projects involving any kind of production or moving parts (physical or digital) create equities that will get handled during this final phase of your media plan execution.

In this phase you repurpose, finalize the project or leverage parts for a new media plan.

Yes, this is a ten thousand foot simplistic view of media plans so that you can create one and dive into the process.

Once you’re inside a media plan, you will understand just how powerful these blueprints are with their ability to keep you (plus your team) on track from start to finish.

Start one today and if you want to have a little bit of quick, effective coaching conversation let me know.