As Far As the Eye Can See

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“Wow! Did you see that!”

(Often heard when something visually spectacular and our eyes meet.)

While building out a new eLearning course this week, the idea light bulb lit up over my head.

Thought you might find this helpful if you ever have to edit or create a digital image of your own. Enjoy (with milk)…

Here is the link to PhotoScape (from the video).

Another excellent free image editor you might like is Gimp.

But first check your computer because if you have a Windows machine, likely you have a Paint program already installed. Paint edits images too.

Mac users? If Apple did not supply any kind of image editor for you, here’s the Mac version of PhotoScape.

And if downloading a software or app isn’t on anyones radar, try an online image editor instead.

Web based image editors like Pixlr don’t care what operating system you use.

Everywhere you look there are great images to behold.

And who knows? You may have the desire to create something visually spectacular of your very own.

On the other hand there are also some great places to find great images online.

This link is a post with 53+ free image sources available on the web.

Don’t know where (or how) you can best use digital image content for your particular business?

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