Mind Map Gold Alchemy Recipe

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Watch this if you want to see an advertisement (aka selling content). If not, scroll down please…

Alchemy is a process. And it’s not.

More of a mystery than anything.

On the menu today? A mix of ingredients that create something new.

Ingredients in Alchemy take on certain properties simply by being in the mix.

So much so that anyone else using the same ingredients will create something new too.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to fold into the mix today…

You – Yes you (priceless)

If you see you (or not) when you clicked that link, you’re all in so be all in.

XMind – Mind Mapping Software (free or paid)

Mind mapping gives you a visual for ideas. When you want to see something like ideas for a book, revolution, process, outline or lesson plan on one page, use a mind map so the moving parts are movable.

PhotoScape – Still Image Screen Capture/Editing Software (free)

An old standby. All mind map images used in the video captured with this easy to use photo editor. If you have one you already use, keep using it.

Images are about the image, not the software.

Kevin Rogers – KLT 60 Second Hook Training (free)

If you’re at all serious about doing more business, check out anything you can get your hands on produced by Kevin Rogers.

Yes. It’s that good but only if you have to sell stuff like your professional services to pay the bills.

Audacity – Digital Audio Recording/Editing Software (free)

An ancient warrior (updated) for almost all things audio. Right click here to save the mp3 file soundtrack from the video. Recorded, edited and formatted for publishing using Audacity.

Camtasia – Video Image Screen Capture Software (paid)

Sometimes pro level tools are good. You can get similar or better results with free tools too. Camtasia is my video screen capture weapon of choice for most online media production.

YouTube – 800 Pound Digital Video Gorilla (free)

Today I shot a quick video and published it to hit a  goal. You’re a producer too. You’re a publisher too.

Look for more videos to trickle down from Digital Content Alchemy.

Open Office – Windows Based Office Software (free)

An ancient warrior (updated) for all things digital ink. Right click here to save the PDF file with the images used for visual elements in the video. From word type document share friendly PDF in one click.

Yes the video that resulted from the alchemical stew is pure promotion.

Just what the doctor ordered since that is exactly what showed up today.

Special thanks to Kevin Rogers for giving away a formula that provided the high speed blend needed to emulsify this eclectic mix.

My original KLT 60 Second Hook first appeared here.