Content Creation Bliss…

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Are you an e-commerce business selling tangible products online?

Or maybe you are an affiliate marketer with a talent for helping other owners sell their digital information?

Then again you could be a blogger with a passion for writing about a subject other people have deep passions about too.

Doesn’t matter what your business is, who you serve or what products you offer.

There’s a common thread which has now become a buzzword many in the online marketing community are tired of hearing.


Nothing new in the history of the web. Not new for the offline side of things either. Content has, is and always will be what drives the wheels of business online and off.

Why? Because it is nothing more than simple human communication.

Sure content takes on a variety of forms. And the written word is by far the most common form. After all most of the other content forms start life as written words.

There are no films unless a screenplay comes first. There are no songs until lyrics are recorded on paper. You get the picture.

Content is everywhere and has been since the ancients began telling stories in drawings on cave walls.

Okay. Enough history. Back to business.

Every business has content needs and desires to fulfill. Usually those needs and desires revolve around getting their best content in front of the people who care about what the business has to say.

Since content isn’t a new concept in the big scope of things, no matter what any “content” marketer type says, then perhaps a way to manage your content in a way that makes sense is not new either.

Face it.

If you are producing content, on a regular basis at any level, you are also creating a lot of words and messages which need to speak to the listening of your audience right now and over time.

Your building an inventory that needs to be stewarded.

Cranking out what feels good moment to moment may feel good plus be poetic and lyrical. All good. But in business unless there’s long term congruence in what you say, your crowd will replace you like a flat tire.

You’ve got to make sense.

Enter the content calendar (also known as an editorial calendar).

Your content calendar lets you organize your content inventory before you ever create it. And that is huge.

Not only will it keep you sane as you juggle all the content parts twirling around your business, it will also help you speak directly to the listening of your tribe no matter how large your tribe is.

And it is easy to set up a content calendar by investing a little thought equity, creativity and elbow grease.

This is one example of how you can set up a calendar for a blog along with a brief description of each column:


Column A – Set up your whole month in advance.

Column B – The blog category to publish that post under.

Column C – A working title for the post (not etched in stone).

Column D – How I want you to feel when you read the post.

Column E – What I want you to learn from reading the post.

Column F – What I want you to do after reading the post.

Column G – Reader comments on the post.

Columns D, E and F allow you space to thread a narrative or theme together for continuity and flow. Focus on D, E and F to squeeze out the most juice for your readers from the content you create.

A most gracious tip of the hat and deep bow to Alexandra Franzen for generously sharing her writing expertise on feel, learn and do (check out her site to enjoy more of the great content she freely offers).

There you have it. Nothing fancy. Do what works for you and do what makes sense for the type of content you create.

Once you have a content calendar in place, creating and crafting your content will be a much more satisfying experience.

And who knows? You might even find a little more bliss along the way.