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Twitter? Basic social media skill mysteries solved. Master this one with practice a few minutes each day and you won’t need more skills.

And if you’re hanging out on twitter for more than an hour a week this helps you give time back to the work you love. Promise.

Remember the work you loved to do? Take that back.

Your One Person Mystery

digital-content-alchemy-your-one-person-mystery-Mark-HornEstimated reading time: 05 minutes

What is behind the door?

A mystery perhaps?

Or possibly the most important answer to one of your biggest questions?

The only way to know for sure is to open the door.

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Media Plan Magic

001-digital-content-alchemy-how-to-video-seriesEstimated reading time: 02 minutes
Viewing time: 07 minutes 24 seconds

By any other name they still deliver the same magic.

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Part 1: From the Mountain Top

Estimated reading time: 06 minutes

Have you ever seen the view from the top of a mountain, any tall buildings or other high places?

From those vantage points you often see enough of everything around you.

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Reality Check

Estimated reading time: 05 minutes

There is something extremely satisfying in the process of bringing an eLearning course or a digital information product to the launch pad.

Juggling all the moving parts plus the discovery process of how parts fit with each other to accomplish an end result your One Person wants make the journey worthwhile.

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