Part 3: Eye to Eye

Estimated reading time: 06 minutes

Mountain top views have their place in the creative side of digital product creation. Keeping your ear to the ground also adds to the creative flow.

Now it’s time to add the confidence element.

You’re ready to confirm, from an up close and personal view, what you saw in the distance and what you heard via the conversations around you.

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Part 2: Ear to the Ground

Estimated reading time: 06 minutes

This is part two in a three part training series about what you do to find out if your information product idea or eLearning course idea is worth developing.

In part one, you took in the big picture and looked at a formula to let you know if the next research step was ready to take or if you should let an idea go completely and evaluate another one.

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eLearning: Can You Teach to Sell?

Estimated reading time: 05 minutes

There is a revolution going on. Never have you and I (and everyone else on the planet) had the opportunity to learn as much as we can learn right now.

Learning is at an unprecedented place in history.

Look at all the new mediums for delivering new ideas, concepts and lessons.

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