Your One Person Mystery

digital-content-alchemy-your-one-person-mystery-Mark-HornEstimated reading time: 05 minutes

What is behind the door?

A mystery perhaps?

Or possibly the most important answer to one of your biggest questions?

The only way to know for sure is to open the door.

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LinkedIn Leverage


Estimated reading time:  05 minutes

Certain words tend to make me uncomfortable.

Not sure why, but corporate is one of those words.

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28 Days Revisited

Estimated reading time: 04 minutes

About a month ago I started on a 28 day eLearning experience.

Today is the last day of that virtual journey.

In this post I will share my results, what worked for me along the way, what didn’t and a key take away or two about what I learned in the process.

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The “Them” or The “Us”?

Estimated reading time: 03 minutes

Something I’ve noticed lately is how easy it is to make the work we do more about us and less about them.

“Them” would be our clients or the prospects in our lead generation pipeline (in case you were wondering).

Yes. I’ve noticed this happens to me. I’ve also observed the behavior in others I hangout with. Usually it crops up, subtly at first, when I’m creating content or immersed in building out a strategy or system.

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