Relevant Research Revisited

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At altitude the air is thin. But when you catch that view there is no place you would rather be.

Your perspective is spectacular from way up there (both metaphorically and physically).

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Social Platform Re…?

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To say online social spaces are awkward platforms to play in would be an under statement.

Then there’s the whole time suck you can allow social networks to become.

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Mind Map Gold Alchemy Recipe

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Watch this if you want to see an advertisement (aka selling content). If not, scroll down please…

Alchemy is a process. And it’s not.

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Success Stacks

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Big beautiful wins are so overrated.

Okay. Maybe they’re not so much overrated as they are way less frequent than you want them to be.

Hit a big win in your business and it can feel like an avalanche of success.

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Toward Purpose

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While putting the moving parts for Digital Content Alchemy together, purpose is something I explored at length.

Anytime you’re in a process of building out a new business, a new project or fine tuning something you’ve had up and running for a while, purpose demands due diligence.

Lots of questions to ask. Lots of answers to sort and sift through. Just like you, I want to fulfill my purpose and I want the work I do to have purpose too.

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