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Twitter? Basic social media skill mysteries solved. Master this one with practice a few minutes each day and you won’t need more skills.

And if you’re hanging out on twitter for more than an hour a week this helps you give time back to the work you love. Promise.

Remember the work you loved to do? Take that back.

Current Listens, Reads & Feeds

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To be a better content producer, be a better content consumer.

One feeds the other and vice’ versa.

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As Far As the Eye Can See

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“Wow! Did you see that!”

(Often heard when something visually spectacular and our eyes meet.)

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Social Footprint(s)

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Your most valuable digital social venue of all time?

Hands down it has to be eMail.

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Digital Content Curation Curiousity

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WARNING: This post is full of more linky goodness than you can shake a stick at.

Curation is a curious thing which even now is stirring things up on the content landscape.

What is curation and what does it have to do with helping you be the digital media producer you are?

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