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Twitter? Basic social media skill mysteries solved. Master this one with practice a few minutes each day and you won’t need more skills.

And if you’re hanging out on twitter for more than an hour a week this helps you give time back to the work you love. Promise.

Remember the work you loved to do? Take that back.

Content Alchemy: Imperative

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What an exceptionally strong word imperative is.

Since turning the switch to my content consulting business on six months ago a lot has changed.

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Do On Purpose Moving Parts

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Hey, I know there are moments when you’ve struggled mightily with purpose, so I made this for you.

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Mind Map Gold Alchemy Recipe

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Watch this if you want to see an advertisement (aka selling content). If not, scroll down please…

Alchemy is a process. And it’s not.

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eLearning: Can You Teach to Sell?

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There is a revolution going on. Never have you and I (and everyone else on the planet) had the opportunity to learn as much as we can learn right now.

Learning is at an unprecedented place in history.

Look at all the new mediums for delivering new ideas, concepts and lessons.

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