How Do You Know?

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Are you ready to launch your project (product, passion or idea)?

One of the popular places where that question is being asked on a deep level is in the crowdfunding space.

And with good reason since a vast majority of crowdfunding projects launched on the popular funding platforms end up failing to attract little (or any) of the funds they seek.

What your average campaign project owner hasn’t realized yet is the biggest challenge they have isn’t with crowdfunding so much as it is with marketing their campaign before, during and after the launch.

Here’s a handy infographic via the FundRazr blog that may help you figure out if you’re ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign (or any other kind of campaign around a product, passion or idea).

And if you can’t give each point mentioned below an honest big thumbs up then it’s time to step back and figure out what the missing elements are before you launch.


Content Alchemy: Dog Days

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Summer is upon us and those old dog days have definitely set in.

Grateful though that (so far) the temps in my part of the world have been on the mild side.

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In the Kiddie Pool

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Everyone knows that before you jump in deep water, you better know how to swim.

But that does not keep people from getting in over their head.

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Business Model Blues

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If you’ve been in the business of marketing your business for any time at all you’ve noticed the amount of confusion that often surfaces on a regular basis.

There are business terms with multiple meanings, fuzzy concepts and a whole lot of “Do as I say, not as I do” advice from any number of talking head experts.

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