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Knowing how to create social media lists is one thing.

Strategy for using those social media lists is another story.

Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to create social media lists (then read more about adding strategy to the mix).

Before you begin seriously creating social media lists make sure you have some kind of strategy in place.

Implementing a strategy to yield results will indicate if leverage is in your favor or not.

But to start with, focus in on your desired end result first and not the strategy.

What end result do you most want from your social media efforts? I know. That can be a tough question to answer.

Your answer will come easier when you keep your desired end result(s) simple.

Don’t worry though. You can always complicate everything later if you want to. But keep it as simple as possible to start. Okay?

Here are a few examples of simple end results from social media you might resonate with:

  • Give help to (or receive help from) like minded owners
  • Create deeper connections with customers and clients
  • Meet new and interesting people from around the world

In each example there are variables. Giving, receiving, connecting and meeting will all mean different things to different people.

What do those variables mean for you? One way to figure that out is to look at the simple end result you want and add in a so that

“I want to give help to (and receive help from) like minded owners so that _______”

Fill in the blank with your so that reason (or in other words, your why).

Here is an example; “I want to give help to (or receive help from) like minded owners so that I can do more of the work I love to do.”

Now with this new found why, I am ready to build out a simple social media strategy to test.

Yes test. Any first strategy you create will change after you measure results based on your level of activity within the strategy.

Count on making adjustments over time based on the objective results you observe.

No one gets a fully functional strategy right from the start. No one.

Before sharing one simple strategy many owners (including me) use for social media results, understand that just creating social media lists is NOT a strategy.

Social media lists are only one tool and how you leverage any tool will show up inside your strategy.

Make sense?

Here is a simple social media strategy to try on for yourself…

Move any relevant social media conversation off the social media platform as quickly as possible.

That’s it. Sweet, simple and measurable.

Now you can create activities to implement and test that strategy.

What activities qualify as moving a social media conversation off of the platform? That’s up to you.

These are the activities that qualify as off the platform for the work I love to do:

1. Have a phone conversation with a social media connection.

2. Have private eMail conversation with a social media connection.

3. Have a social media connection opt-in as a private subscriber.

4. Have a social media connection comment on a blog post or podcast.

5. Interview a social media connection for a new podcast episode.

There are more but those five are the key performance indicators I look for to determine if this specific strategy is working or not.

And one of the tools I use inside of that strategy is social media lists because those lists help:

  • Save time finding where relevant social conversations are going on
  • Do research on specific topics to have social conversations about
  • Create growth opportunity via new people already in conversations

That is one strategy for getting the social media results I want based on my own specific so that or why objective.

Of course a different strategy is required if you want to leverage social media as a support system for existing customers or clients.

Here is a post from Social Media Examiner that may help you to extract the elements needed to craft a strategy for superior customer service.

Whatever type of strategy you decide to build and test, remember to start with a simple end result and then find your own so that or why.

Only then will you be able to measure your results based on activities you are doing against the strategy being tested.

Questions? Ask in the comments below or shoot me a private eMail to start a conversation.


Because everything always starts with a conversation. Doesn’t it.