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Not a very exciting title is it?

Let’s hope what I share has a little more meat on the bones.

Strategy usually carries several moving parts to get the job done you want done.

This post fits the mold because part of any online information product or digital content strategy must include how you’ll publish and deliver what you create to your digital learning hungry audience.

Execution and implementation is where these kind of elements might fit inside your strategic plan.

Without them you’re stuck or likely way behind the curve.

(a Tool) 3 Free Ways to Create a PDF – Another Digital Content Alchemy How To video…

(a Tip) Social Media Marketing Podcast – Michael Stelzner is your host and if there is a tip here it is to get on board and listen in


(a Resource) SlideShare 101 – Results already achieved and potential yet to be realized are both in play with this digital content publishing resource.

You’ll never look at PDFs and PowerPoint presentations the same way again.

Use those links after the slides for more (and thank you for reading, watching, listening and looking today)…