Digital Content Alchemy sells marketing expertise that equips you to earn more of the desired audience relationship and revenue results you want as an independent creative professional.

With focus, support and guidance from me (Mark Horn), the key marketing and selling puzzle pieces of your business will fit with each other smoothly and consistently work for you not against you.

Here is a short description of current Digital Content Alchemy services:

Consulting – When you need specific knowledge and information outside of your own skills or experiences to solve a problem, consulting makes results happen as quickly as possible by implementing viable solutions for you.

Consulting makes me responsible for creating marketing strategy and plans for your business or project, and then putting those plans in action to get you the best possible outcome. Unlike coaching, consulting typically focuses on your entire business and not the performance of an individual or team member in your business.

As your go to expert for structural, information, and marketing problems, I leverage the shortest possible time frames from start to finish to fully deliver on your expectations. You hire a consultant for expert solutions and to take action on implementing those solutions.

Consulting allows me to work directly on handling your marketing challenges and also prepare you to succeed on what comes next. It’s like having someone who is as dedicated to the success of your business as you are working with you on an as needed basis.

Consulting fee schedule:

  • 15 Session Hours – $3,000
  • 2 ½ Session Hours – $500
  • ½ Session Hour – $100

Coaching – Supports you toward achieving your own results by focusing in on personal strength building to solve your own problems and make your business changes happen.

As your coach, I hold you accountable for making progress on agreed upon goals and desired outcomes. And we put our heads together to figure out those goals for you as the business owner and for the good of your business.

Coaching tends to be more personalized to the individual, a small team, or a small group and often takes place over longer time frames than a consulting project. You hire a coach to help uncover your next best steps and hold you accountable for taking the actions required to implement your own solutions.

Identifying and bridging gaps between where you are and where you want to be is a mutual goal. Giving you more options to choose from and more opportunities to expand on what you’re capable of doing and achieving with your work is at the heart of the Digital Content Alchemy coaching experience.

Coaching fee schedule:

  • 30 Session Hours – $3,000
  • 5 Session Hours – $500
  • 1 Session Hour – $100