Quality Delivers Quality

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Rituals can be cathartic and wonder filled healing adventures.

In the mornings I enjoy a ritual while having a cup of hot coffee.

This ritual is not profound and I am certain others enjoy it too.

I scan my eMail in search of gems and gold nuggets disguised as questions.

See. Nothing scary. Nothing really unique or profound.

Of the few new blog post notices and newsletter eMails I allow in my inbox, there are a couple which often ask at least one great question.

There are times when the question asked is obvious and stated in the open.

But more often than not, questions get seeded in my mind as a direct result of consuming an authors well crafted digital ink.

Godin, Franzen, Brogan or LaPorte all present excellent examples as content producers who know how to ask great questions outright and also seed the possibility for more.

There are certainly thousands of other writers who also create great questions which are both obvious and not so obvious questions.

Likely you have favorite online authors (aka digital media producers) too.

What questions do you ponder on when your favorites ask you directly or indirectly?

Questions are indeed the fuel of mystery.

First the question simply makes me wonder.

Then I’ll usually pause and ask myself if the questions I ask are of the quality my virtual mentors ask.

I know. Comparing what we do with what others do well can be less than empowering. But still I wonder.

Have you ever caught yourself doing the same thing though? Asking yourself about questions you ask?

In the business of business or in the business of life we are always asking questions aren’t we?

Maybe we are asking a prospect questions to find out if there is a possibility for future business, another conversation or how we might best serve them in the work they do.

With any luck at all, lots of times we could be asking owners we’ve presented offers to for a signature, a check or a “Yes” to close a deal. (You are asking aren’t you?)

Or in the business of our lives perhaps we are simply asking what’s for dinner or where is the remote?

Face it. If you’re in the business of selling (and you are), you have to get good at asking quality questions that need asked in a quality way if you intend to get quality results.

Quality questions aren’t always easy questions to come up with. They take thinking and practice.

By asking the same questions to a variety of people you will help yourself ask better questions.

At least that is how I’ve observed myself and others improve skills in the asking arenas business owners often find themselves in.

Is there a formula or a template to follow to ask quality questions?

Yes there is. And you are the best person to create that formula or a template for yourself based on the results (aka feedback) you get from asking.

There isn’t an easy work around (unless you enjoy having virtual doors slammed in your face as the reward “easy” often delivers).

But there is a way to test for a great question:

Does the answer to your question move you closer to what you want or further away?

If closer is the answer, then you may have asked a great question.

Thinking and using your own mind (and heart) is often the best “work around”. Notice I didn’t write that it is “easy”.

When I do a twenty minute Clear Focus session with a client, the best results happen for the client who asks a great question that is 1) well thought out and 2) focused on a result they desire.

Something like; “Where do I find the best free eBooks to sell online?” isn’t a great question.

And yes, I’ve had someone ask that exact question.

Now there is an intake form to sort out a hobby marketer type from an actual business owner for a Clear Focus conversation.


Ask and keep right on asking.


Because asking is also a cathartic and wonder filled healing adventure.