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Hey, I know there are moments when you’ve struggled mightily with purpose, so I made this for you.

I know it will help. Enjoy to the fullest.

There is always a story to tell isn’t there. Sometimes purpose is the story and it is as plain as the nose on your face.

Take marketing for instance. The purpose of all marketing is to sell. Simple. Straight forward. To the point.

Every marketing activity you do has the purpose of selling attached as the intended outcome now or in the future.

And if the marketing you do is not created for the single purpose of selling then we need to talk because you’re not marketing.

You are likely not selling either.

Purpose is funny like that. At times as elusive as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and other times… well, now I’m back to the nose on your face.

This post is a quick behind the curtain peek inside Do On Purpose, a little bit of back story and digging deeper into the results you want on purpose.

Do On Purpose is one of the sessions inside the free eLearning mini-course offered here on Digital Content Alchemy.

But why do on purpose? Because inside the life of business you will eventually discover the tightrope each one of us walks.

And that tightrope has everything to do with purpose and actions you do on purpose.

Yes. Your work, what you produce, the art you create, the gifts you have to give and how you receive are all about other people.

At some level though, and this is where the tightrope comes in, the work you do has to touch your soul and inspire your heart to feel a purpose the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Yes. It is time to wake up for, on and with purpose.

Purpose can show up as subtle and gentle prompts or as those true hair-on-fire screaming moments or something in between.

Any or all of the above are signs that you are indeed on a right path to purpose.

Yes you are moving in the right direction so welcome the signs with open arms no matter how the signs show up.

Welcome them even if you don’t notice their presence or if they show up in those hair-on-fire moments.

It turns out then, that the purpose for the work you love to do is really as much about you as it is about other people.

You have to have your purpose. What it is you crave and desire most. What you want to achieve.

You want to feel the good feelings you want to feel while you’re doing the work you love to do.

All while staying on purpose.

But how?

How do you nurture and birth any clarity around purpose for doing the work you love plus attract and serve an audience of raving fans and followers exactly the way they most want to be served?


What you’ll learn in this post are a couple of the ways I answered the purpose questions for myself.

You see, I was tired of hearing people talk about purpose. With this as a purpose and that as a purpose, purpose was every where. All at once and in my face.

What aggravated me most was that when push came to shove, I was more tired of hearing myself ask the question of myself.

What is my purpose?

What happened for me was a 180 degree turn around from not being on purpose to being able to have that good old purpose conversation with myself in a much different way.

Now I’d rather have that conversation with you and offer a few ways of looking, being and seeing for you to try on with purpose.

Welcome to Do On Purpose. Watch this short video I made for the free eLearning mini-course and have a look behind the curtain…

There is more where this came from but first I would enjoy hearing what you have to share on purpose.

Won’t you please tell me about your purpose?