Content Alchemy: Research Perspectives

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Would you like to know if what you want to create is what someone is willing to pay for?

Research is key and doing effective research will make or break the secret you’re trying to unlock.

One of the tough challenges in creating digital information products (or online classes) is doing required research.

In this episode I share enough about research perspective to make a difference for you if you’re just getting started or you are a veteran in the digital media producer world.

From the big picture view all the way down the path with those you’re creating digital products for, the research experience must be given it’s due.

Many producers skip the time it takes to figure out what their audience wants and waste money plus valuable resources building something no one cares about.

Why? Because they thought what they wanted was exactly what their audience wanted (it’s not).

Don’t let their producer story be yours. You’re better than that.

Show notes are here: Research Perspectives (download the PDF), chock full of verbatim vitamins.

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