Content Alchemy: Positive Challenge(s)

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“Challenge is as challenge does.” ~ (not) Forrest Gump

Isn’t it odd how some challenges can show up as negative when first encountered and become a positive as you dig in deeper to confront the challenge?

Certainly that polarity switch isn’t an attribute of all challenges but it is an attribute worthy of a conversation none the less.

Producing quality content to begin with is a big challenge for many owners. Publishing that same content into the digital realm can also be a huge challenge.

But the publishing part usually doesn’t compare to the creative effort required to produce great content in the first place.

Today’s episode explores our digital content challenges from both a branding and strategy point of view.

Here’s what you’ll hear…


  • How a silly social media challenge switched polarity
  • How to test if any challenge you face belongs to you
  • A win, win, win challenge both offered and accepted


  • Never implement any tactics until you have a strategy
  • It’s not your fault you don’t know what you don’t know
  • “How To” strategy map video for the solo professional


  • Until there are customers “Branding” is a moot point
  • First time buyers who become repeats create “Brand”
  • Stewarding of your “Brand” happens after buyers buy

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