Content Alchemy: Metric Matters

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At the end of the day what really requires our attention?

There are life matters of course. No question.

There are also business matters (which some consider to be part of life).

Then there are metric matters that encompass both business and life.

In this episode the conversation turns to metrics but not in the way you might imagine.

No SEO or any magic flurry of web based mystery numbers here. Look for that kind of expert conversation elsewhere.

Metric matters include…

  • As an owner metric matters and they can and will trip you up
  • Simple always trumps complex to measure business/life success
  • “How many _________ did I help this week?” (my Monday metric)
  • Measure to improve to adjust to measure to improve to adjust…
  • One digital content delivery sweet spot is everything measures
  • +90% of the metrics measured are worthless in business/life
  • Know your own Need, Want & Have basic revenue metric formula
  • With a plan and action on the plan your Want metric shows up
  • You’ll see the path when you turn on the light to see the path

At the end of your day, how do you measure your results?

How does what you measure fit with the life matters you hold in highest esteem?

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