Content Alchemy: Kramer Wetzel

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Mysteries will be solved in this episode.

Listen in as answers to digital content questions are revealed from the entertainment side of the metaphysical world.

Kramer Wetzel, a well seasoned professional astrologer brings his unique point of view into play with conversation all about leveraging the digital media behind the work he loves.

There’s nothing “woo woo” about Kramer’s business growth as a result of the content he creates.

Or is there…

  • Digital content depth is the backbone for the credentials you carry
  • Accidental circumstance isn’t so keep producing for FUN (and profit)
  • Ink (the digital kind) shows up before another medium is leveraged
  • A no rerun policy rules when the ink starts flying; Let a rule rule
  • Experiments don’t always go the way you want but they still work
  • Be constantly on the hunt for new ways to say the same old things
  • Content must interest the creator to be of any interest to the tribe
  • Less is not always more so explore content possibility without time
  • Recognize your sweet season as producer then harvest in season
  • Interrupt often favored content production patterns to stay fresh

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