Content Alchemy: Kim Burney

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Are you writing a book? Of course you are.

Have you ever wondered what a publisher might do with your cherished digital ink?

Then wonder no more as Kim Burney, a boutique publisher, pulls back the curtain to give you insight into her professional world of authors and digital ink.

In this episode we go deep with how Kim handles the moving parts of her micro-publishing business and how she (gently) wrangles authors in the process…

  • Capture my attention fast or you’ll zone me out
  • When your work pops it pops and excitement ensues
  • Your common thread is key even if you don’t see it
  • Clarity is when you finally know what you don’t know
  • What is so good about that? (the WISGAT experience)
  • Your .com domain name is a test for your core message
  • Writers block may be a red light stop for a reason
  • You don’t have to be alone and do this by yourself
  • Mind maps are great tools to mind dump your process
  • To get out of your own way recognize you’re in the way

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