Content Alchemy: Imperative

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What an exceptionally strong word imperative is.

Since turning the switch to my content consulting business on six months ago a lot has changed.

Some changes have shown up much sooner than expected while other expected changes are not yet on the visible horizon.

In this solo episode it is time for me to take a step back to see the forest and the trees.

Results which speak to my listening (and hopefully to yours)…

  • We are all in the early stages of  the next global economic shift
  • Imperative is what drives this shift from information to purpose
  • Purpose is only a journey and not some destination to arrive at
  • Those with a focus on purpose often have less power and means
  • Technology changes how we work and what we want from work
  • New education models use tech to customize individual learning
  • The choice to reinvent yourself again every single day is the gift
  • Reinvention may follow crisis or failure but neither is required
  • You are never not in the exact right place at the exact right time
  • A ticket to ride the most thrilling ride of your life is yours to take

Visit today to discover your own purpose drivers and personal imperative for doing the work you love on purpose.

Here’s what mine looks like:

 “My imperative is to work directly with individuals to help them    overcome societal barriers by creating their environments and    experiences.”

Yes it’s a mouthful but my imperative feels like a great fit for bringing purpose to the work I love.

Want to see a big picture view before you do the free assessment for yourself?

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