Content Alchemy: eMail Intimacy

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Is “intimacy” in your digital content vocabulary?

It should be. Especially when it comes to your conversations about eMail. Yes. eMail.

eMail is one of the largest content delivery tools ever created and it has been a part of the digital world for over forty years.

Plus it is likely going to stick around for as long as the Internet exists.

In this episode the conversation is all about how to leverage eMail and the power it has to build the intimate relationships required for digital media success…

  • Content comes in eMails, eBooks, eCourses, blog posts, audios, videos etc.
  • Content is only a word until you add substance, value and common ground
  • Creating eMail content often sends a cold chill down an owners spine
  • eMail content is one-on-one digital dialog in an ongoing conversation
  • Think of eMail as a monster and it is. Think of it as a friend and it is.
  • Your eMail subscriber is almost as valuable to you as a paying client
  • Respect your eMail subscribers more than any social media friend or follower
  • Aweber (aff) – Popular and reliable eMail management system (paid)
  • Mad Mimi (aff) – User friendly eMail management system (free & paid)
  • MailChimp (aff) – Another user friendly eMail management system (free & paid)

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Thank you for listening in.