Content Alchemy: Dog Days

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Summer is upon us and those old dog days have definitely set in.

Grateful though that (so far) the temps in my part of the world have been on the mild side.

On the other end of the spectrum, autumn is just around the corner.

Along with a surety in the change of season there is an anticipation of shifting business momentum.

Do you feel it too? That’s alchemy my friend.

Join me in this conversation and lets explore where the shift is going…

How about you? What shifts do you anticipate in the work you love to do as summer gives way to fall?

How about those digital content ideas, info products or eCourse plans of yours still ripening on the trees?

It will soon be harvesting time and decisions will need to be made for that low hanging fruit before it falls to the ground and spoils.

Want some help? I’m here. Just let me know.

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Grateful too for your time, your thoughts, your opinions and for your listening.

Thanks for being here.

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