Content Alchemy: Chuck Hester

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Often passion reveals certainty as a result of feeling the work you’re moved to do.

Chuck Hester, a LinkedIn power connector, brings his all to the mic today along with the pay it forward philosophy he lives and breathes by.

Listen in (and grab something to take personal notes on) as Chuck pulls back the curtain on heart-felt content creation and invites you to do the same:

  • 13k+ LinkedIn personal network = 10 years of right action(s)
  • Start with 1k/1.5k for bigger picture possibilities
  • Pay It Forward is Pay It Forward. Always
  • Content marketing focus + Pay It Forward action delivers joy
  • Free flowing digital ink is just a part of it all
  • Passion – Find a ‘what’ inside and go
  • LinkedIn Publisher speaks to a listening eager to be heard
  • Heart songs join the chorus when worthwhile results appear
  • Purpose to repurpose digital media production
  • “Stay with what you know.” ~ Chuck Hester

Connect with Chuck via Twitter @ChuckHester or +ChuckHester on G+ (or via his weekly podcast).

But all roads lead to where you start a conversation with Chuck about the work he knows and loves.

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