Content Alchemy: Celebrations!

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“I love it when a plan comes together.” ~ John (aka Hannibal) Smith

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There is cause for celebration friends, clients, listeners, readers and fans! Won’t you join me in the festivities?

Digital Content Alchemy has a HUGE new project to wrangle that kicks off the celebrations with this website and the Content Alchemy podcast shifting to a new dimension.

Much of the upfront work you see here is moving to support for an ongoing legacy project.

Today the bulk of my consulting and digital media production focuses on the project with a new book and audio book soon to be published, masterminds forming and a new podcast show launching tomorrow.

And next on the celebration list is National Podcast Day which also happens tomorrow, September 30, 2014!

Podcasting momentum continues forward by celebrating ten years of conversation dedicated to the medium for consumers, producers and publishers everywhere.

In honor of #PodcastDay (search the hash tag on your favorite social media platforms), Paul Colligan is doing a live webcast on YouTube 9/30 and his newest Kindle podcasting book is less than a buck.

Both his free webcast and his Kindle podcast book .99 offer happen Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

And since podcasters are social media creatures, spaces like Twitter, G+ and Facebook will keep you posted on all events, both online and off for the world wide party (#podcast and #podcasters will show the way).

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And as always, and in all ways, thank you for your mind share and your time and those listening ears of yours.

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