Content Alchemy: An Unofficial Eleven!

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Just me today folks.

Yep a monologue to celebrate getting past the tenth episode of the Content Alchemy Podcast!

This episode is titled as the unofficial number eleven on the Content Alchemy Podcast journey (but officially it’s number twelve).

Why number eleven and why is it unofficial?

That answer is all in the unofficial part of the two questions in one you just read. To set the podcast up in the iTunes directory there must be an existing episode.

So the actual first episode is numbered as ‘000’ and is only a little bit over two minutes in length. The only purpose of that episode was to get listed in the largest podcast directory on the planet.

Celebrating the eleventh episode of any podcast is important because most new podcast efforts rarely go beyond ten total pieces of digital content published.

The fact is that most podcasters throw in the towel around episode seven.

What you’ll hear inside…

  • Ten expert digital content producers already interviewed
  • Your expert common thread is pushing through to finished
  • Content Creation Equation – word play makes me smile
  • Guest wrangling challenges come with the territory
  • Go behind the scenes for media producer juicy goodness
  • I am privileged (and here) to learn just as much as you do
  • Post production helps create a show you can HEAR
  • Bottom line? It’s always the content that counts the most
  • Interview format will continue on (in a different way)
  • Great Guests Possibilities Wanted: Apply Within

Linked mentioned in the show for the Levelator (free audio enhancing software).

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Thank you for listening. Seriously. Thank you isn’t enough to convey how much I appreciate your listening.

You are the ones who make this podcast production adventure more fun than it already is.

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