Of Course There’s a Course!

building-online-coursesEstimated reading time: 03 minutes

Marketing via teaching is so much easier now.

Just build it and they will come!

What follows is a rant (of sorts).

Some meandering rant that will meander as rants often do long before they turn into a meme which becomes fact…

Before the wonders of the world wide web, teaching as a marketing tool was an in person based practice.

Unless you had a big media production and ad budget to get the word out via a television infomercial, your options were less than few.

Sure you could go on the road but before that happened you had to have venues where there was at least an expected audience to be entertained, taught and sold to.

Trade shows, state or county fairs, conventions, churches or schools were once popular locations in which to entertain, teach and sell.

That’s where the expected crowds for the road warriors of the time hung out.

Unless you did the door-to-door thing to entertain, teach and sell to audiences of one or two, there weren’t many other choices.

Long hours? Separation from loved ones? Travel expenses? Feast or famine wages? All too often these were only common denominators to weed out the best from rest.

Edutainment that also sells is not anything new.

That’s what pitchmen (and women) have been doing since before the light bulb was invented.

Marketing which incorporates entertainment coupled up with passive education to sell viable solutions is an old framework built long ago.

But online the surface of the model has barely been scratched and the consumer itch is growing bigger every minute.

Enter the next step in the evolutionary process; Online courses.

Courses in the form of non-formal eLearning and adult enrichment are one of the newest ways marketers embrace to feed the hungry digital masses one bite at a time.

Now the ability to entertain and teach an online audience something which helps them buy your services as a continuing education solution makes the road a lot less bumpier.

Throw in too that the collective audience is now served one at a time and can scale to dozens, hundreds, thousands or even more and the pure potential is breathtaking.

But you still must have something to teach that entertains and holds audience attention plus creates a problem your service solves so the audience is willing to buy.

Something interesting to note is how the more formalized teaching and education industry is very quickly refining online class delivery platforms.

The very same platforms pioneered by old school Internet marketing insiders who sold digital courses disguised as information products.

Courses! Of course you would expect professional educators to make the logical connection.

Offer a course. Reach millions. Teach thousands and create the seeds to keep the revolution on track.

On track to where though? Ahh! That is indeed a mystery to be solved by the future.

One thing is certain though. You better have a course online to keep up with the conversation already going on in the mind of the digital consumer.

And you’ll benefit most if you marry marketing to the educational bride walking down the aisle.

Is there a course in you?

That’s a question heard more and more today.

The answer?

Why yes. Yes there is. There is a course in me.

It’s a course all about what I think I most want to learn and not at all about what I think I already know.

And you? How about you? What will you teach?