The Business of Harmony?

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Okay. I’ll readily admit that I don’t know where this post is going.

Or where it will end up.

Before we begin, thank you in advance for being here (and for being).

Beings after all are some of my favorite people.

When harmony landed as an inspiration for a topic on Digital Content Alchemy, my mind had one of those warm and fuzzy moments.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been out of harmony with myself.

No. It wasn’t something instantly discernible or that I was able to focus in on.

Certainly no “Aha!” moment was involved.

But still I noticed a lack of self initiative to complete small stackable activities (something I’ve written about before).

Has that ever happened to you?

Shifting back into harmony may be one solution to consider if the not feeling like you are you thing has ever wrapped itself around you.

Harmony though is one of those words (like so many words) which can mean different things to different people.

Some may think of balance. Some may think of equal segments like a perfectly cut fresh apple pie.

Others may instantly associate harmony within music or other artistic pursuits.

For me harmony means integrating different elements into the whole to create a desired feeling as an end result.

And yes that definition is for my own convenience. If it works for you then go ahead and swipe it. I don’t own the definition nor do I claim to have created it.

In fact, likely the way harmony is used for music is all that is being stated here on my own terms.

In music harmony plays a part to unify the whole experience.

For example a single note played on a set of chimes or a single cymbal crash at just the right moment can serve to unify the whole. Harmony.

But having equal parts of that crashing cymbal added into the mix of a performance written for violin would sound horrible. Even though both instruments played equal and balanced parts.

Harmony would not exist in that performance would it?

What I realized was that my out of harmony state was a result of too much of one activity and not enough of another.

As a digital content producer that kind of state will produce less than favorable results every time. And as a business owner that less than harmonious space can shut you down entirely. Guaranteed.

But how do you solve for the challenge of restoring harmony?

Easy. Step back to notice and observe what may be missing now that was present when the feeling of harmony did exist.

No judgement needed. Just observe.

Make sense?

For my own harmony challenge the light bulb moment happened when I stepped back and noticed what wasn’t present in my day to day of life and work.

Work was there. Rest was there. Time was there. In fact most of the pieces of the personal harmony puzzle were present and accounted for.

But I noticed that a couple of those pieces felt much larger than the others.

I also noticed how at least one of the pieces, which was at one time just the right size, was now much smaller and almost invisible.

Could this be the missing note in the arrangement like the well placed note of the chime in a musical score?

Of course it could. And at the very least, this possibility was (is) worth testing.

What I observed was the daily practice I had in place for quiet times, reflective visualization and listening in for the wisdom from others was no where to be found lately.

Something which was working to assist with personal harmony (and it is a personal journey) was no longer on my radar and was now almost invisible.

While creating, producing and focusing on my digital content work and growing business had grown to be larger puzzle pieces where attention was being focused and directed.

Imagine that.

What was missing did not evaporate and wasn’t something brand new and unknown to seek out, discover and act on.

What was missing was still there but the attention given to it wasn’t.

Now the Aha! moment took hold. Correcting this course I was on was now one simple choice away.

This post is a reflection of my results mirroring back to me a subtle shift in attention.

Feels like the shift is working too so I’ll continue to test, observe and then notice the results and adjust as needed.

Nothing more to do than maintaining the trajectory. Nothing to judge or get self righteous about.

Like I said this harmony thing is a personal journey.

I would love to hear about your journey (and to tell you thank you for being with me on mine).

My process is easy.

Now I am listening again to voices which harmonize with my feelings. You can listen in to one example at the end of this post.

Now I am also shifting back to those precious moments of silence and finding soul satisfying surges in good books, films and conversations online and off.

Plus my business feels like it is moving forward to a better place too.

Comments? Yes please. Thank you (or privacy is here if you prefer).

Meanwhile listen in on one voice for personal harmony here…