Reflect, Relax & Re-Group

Estimated reading time: 03 minutes

“All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord.” ~ Earl Nightingale

There’s another “quote” that fits this post too; “Objects in this mirror may appear larger than they are”.

In managing you, your life and the business you steward, reflection lets you see where you’re headed.

All that remains is to open our eyes and see what can be seen from the other side of the mirror.

No. This has nothing to do with metaphysics or a rant there upon.

What this post has to do with is directing your actions for intended surprise results.

Come on. You don’t want more of the same old same old do you?

Sometimes stuff does not work. Some times it does.

And the beat goes on doesn’t it. Marching to a different drummer or not.

Here’s something to try on when the rhythms you dance to feel a little out of whack…

Choose to direct your intention and actions on three focus areas you Love and Enjoy doing the most.

Pick three? Love? Enjoy?

Yes. Three that you love and enjoy doing the most. That’s it.

For example, my three areas right now are teaching, consulting and communicating.

All three are areas I can lose track of time with and that whole lost time thing is a key indicator for me of something I likely love and enjoy doing.

These three are the focus areas that also feel the best for me, and make the most sense in the big picture for my life and work.

Once you have your three focus areas, then take a moment to notice how they’re each reflecting back to you.

What are the sources of those reflections within the things you love and enjoy doing?

In other words; What are the stages you enjoy playing on?

For example, the stages I enjoy playing on include Digital Content Alchemy, my Soul Bridge and Quantum Gratitude.

Each of those stages embraces each of my three focus areas and brings me the space to create timeless experiences in each area.

Not too shabby.

In my work with Digital Content Alchemy I enjoy all three focus areas. Same for the work I do with my Soul Bridge and Quantum Gratitude.

All three things I Love and Enjoy doing are always present on all three stages.

Again. Not too shabby.

Why? Because any action taken with intent for any one area will also naturally benefits the other two areas.

And the actions taken can be big actions or small actions (although small often yields bigger results).

Now back to those intended surprise results mentioned earlier.

Surprises are surprises and are not always ones you desire. They’re not always ones you don’t desire.

Surprises work like that.

They are surprises either way and so far none of them have done you or me in (although some have come close and others have yet to arrive).

Go ahead. Before another surprise arrives, surprise yourself with the choices you can make.

Choose three areas you Love and Enjoy the most as your focal points, then discover the stages you always enjoy playing on.

Then let go of the rest (for now) and go play.

Surprise! (I couldn’t resist.)