28 Days

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“Marketing is a system, not an event.” ~ John Jantsch

There’s always something new on the horizon to learn. It can be for the business of business, a new set of skills or a hobby you might enjoy.

No matter what end of the spectrum learning shows up on it never fails, in some way, to be more about the business of life than anything else.

Even if you’ve been on the planet for a while and amassed a bazillion learning experiences, there are a bazillion more waiting just around the corner.

In business, I am always learning something new. No. It isn’t always something new to business but it may be new to me and is very often something I thought I already knew.

A few days ago I started down a new learning path.

Since Digital Content Alchemy is a new business venture, I decided to try something “new” on as a system for the consistent gathering and handling of the flow of prospects to leads to buying clients.

After all, having a full pipeline of people interested in what you offer solves the age old business dilemma of not always having someone to sell to (and in business you’ve got to sell).

Enter C.J. Hayden’s Get Clients Now! book, articles (not affiliate links) and readers support group.

So far the GCN! program is easy to understand and implement on a daily basis.

Success ingredients and daily actions focus on what you choose to do and not a laundry list of tasks someone else dictates that you know you’re never going to do.

There are also fewer moving parts in this program than what I’ve worked with before both as a business owner and an employee.

I like less moving parts. A lot.

Having just started there is still some time for me to go on my first program cycle so I’ll post an update closer to the end of this initial journey.

For right now Get Clients Now! feels like a great fit and I’m looking forward to more.

Meanwhile check out C. J.’s book at her site or your favorite online retailer and don’t forget to grab a little of my digital content insights over here.