28 Days Revisited

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About a month ago I started on a 28 day eLearning experience.

Today is the last day of that virtual journey.

In this post I will share my results, what worked for me along the way, what didn’t and a key take away or two about what I learned in the process.

If you didn’t read the original post, here is a quick glance at the road map used for following the 28 day program.

Get Clients Now! is a marketing book written by C.J. Hayden to help coaches, consultant and other service based professionals add more clients to their businesses.

C.J.’s book and program are both popular (and have been for several years) because they work

I own the Kindle version of the book and belong to the private readers community for Get Clients Now! online. You see.  eLearning does not have to be anything complicated.

You can trust what C.J. tells you because she is qualified through her own experiences (and those of her many clients) to give valuable advice.

When I started the program outlined in the book, my greatest need was new prospects for Digital Content Alchemy.

Being a newer business, the first marketing task I had then was to start with actions to fill the pipeline with qualified prospects to offer my services to.

And for the last month that is exactly what I’ve been working on (and having fun with).

Since I’m a life long marketer at heart, marketing is something I enjoy. After all much of my consulting experience is as a marketing consultant.

Having fun with most of the startegy and tactics in marketing is enjoyable too (except things like cold calling in any form – I despise cold calling).

Fortunately, Get Clients Now! advocates working more with marketing activities you enjoy doing to hit your goal and working less with the activities you don’t enjoy.

Goals? Of course there are goals you’ll set for yourself as part of the program.

To start with, my first program goal was more than overly ambitious.

It was actually three goals rolled into one and involved X number of new prospects, X number of new clients and X amount of new revenue dollars generated.

When day 20 rolled around I was grateful for the opportunity to adjust what I was going after as a program goal.

Simple is better.

My adjusted goal was now based on a number of qualified prospects I desired and did not include anything about clients or revenue.

I also adjusted my initial lofty number of new prospects down to a realistic number with stretch possibility built in.

Did I hit my program goal? No I didn’t. But I did hit 56% of it and now there are twice the number of qualified prospects in my pipeline

Plus I now have a marketing track to run on for new prospects that is sustainable and actionable over the long haul.

Besides goals, there are a lot of moving parts to consider with any comprehensive program designed for measurable results.

However those parts are well thought out and formated so working within the 28 day GCN! program framework was not difficult.

You do a minimum of writing and the only two worksheets you’ll need are both available to freely download directly from C.J.’s website.

GCN! is not a 28 days and done program. This is about building up your marketing skills and using them effectively over the long term life of your business.

Will I do more GNC! 28 day programs for my marketing? Absolutely. Like I stated earlier, they work.

Following the program also moved me past procrastination points I’d been stuck on for a while.

During the 28 days of marketing focused activity I also…

  • Finished and launched the Digital Content Alchemy website
  • Completed 90%+ of my LinkedIn professional network profile
  • Connected with 3 new referral partners
  • Added 15 new contacts in two business social networks
  • Reconnected with 7 people I’ve worked with on previous projects
  • Learned about specific areas to focus on to get better at being me

I think the comic strip character Pogo said it best when it comes to my big take away; “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Any obstacle I encountered, resistance I felt or fear that showed up came directly from yours truly and not from any of the activities I was doing.

Now it feels like I have a new found understanding for my clients.

An understanding that comes as a result of walking in their shoes with something unfamiliar while at the same time creating something new.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt that kind of understanding.

And you know what? It feels damn good.