Work You Love – Part 2

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Read part one of this two part series about Work You Love here.

Where do you look when you notice the work you love to do is not the work you’ve been doing?

Begin by looking at the four main areas where most online business challenges begin to take root.

Start with your main website or blog. How end user friendly is it? Is it a dedicated comfortable place for you audience to land and hangout in or is it clunky, uninviting and ignored?

Having a home base you control fully is the key system for the online presence for your business.

What kind of digital content are you putting out there? Is it highly valuable for your crowd? Does it speak to their listening more so than yours or is it filler you create so you can check it off a to do list?

Content systems are critical to do business online or off in today’s world.

Next take a look at your social media footprint. Again is what you put in the social space relevant to followers, friends and fans or is it so much fluff so you get to count a task as done?

There are systems out there to minimize the time you invest on social media for your business.

Now look at your e-Mail system for building relationships on a more intimate level. Are you creating relevant personal interaction or just going through the motions?

e-Mail is your bread and butter. The right strategy can mean more to your bottom line than all your social media efforts combined.

Take a look inside.

Chances are more than good that what keeps you from doing the work you once loved comes down to one or more of these four essential systems:

  • Your blog or website
  • Quality of your digital content
  • Your social media footprint
  • e-Mail strategy used to grow intimate business conversations

Is looking inside easy to do? As long as you can be fully objective yes it is.

Many times it is tough to see the forest for the trees though. You’re to close to your own work and business. When that happens you may want a set of experienced and objective eyes to help.

Take a peek at the free resource I created for you so you can have a better view.