Work You Love – Part 1

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Some work you love is just that. Work you love to do. If what you love to do pays you too, count yourself fortunate.

One of the double edged swords of being a business owner is how often you find yourself doing work you don’t love to do. At all.

When you first started out things were different. You were building up your clients. You were doing the work you started the business to do. That is where the bulk of your time and energy was invested.

If you were new to the business world, that may have made everything look bright and shiny. Until you worked at things for a while you didn’t realize you actually had two businesses…

One doing the work you wanted to do. One doing the work you had to do to create the work you wanted to do.

Things like marketing and lead generation to keep the pipeline full of prospective clients seemed to demand as much time and energy as doing the work you love.

Later on, as your client base grew things shifted. There was more of the business of business to handle.

Busy work started to be the norm instead of the exception.

After all, your business was growing and demands on your time had shifted.

Before long you may have noticed a gap that was building. How you were being separated from what was important early on to what was important now.

If you saw it coming before it arrived, count yourself as fortunate. Again.

Most never see the change coming since changes tend to stack up slowly over time. Almost invisible they sneak up on you in subtle and insidious ways.

Then it happens. Like the straw and the proverbial camel’s back.

Something breaks you wide open. You realize you don’t love the work you do anymore.

Why? Has the nature of your work changed? Are there still clients to be served?

Markets do change all the time. People do lose interest in what you offer. It happens.

But what else might be going on? How do you get back to doing work you love to do if the market still thrives and clients are still there?

Look inside.

No. Not a personal introspection kind of thing. Look in your business. Observe the systems you have (or don’t have). See if your systems are doing what you intend for them to do.

The simple fact is you don’t love the work you’re doing anymore because you are doing less and less of it.

That may be because you’ve invested more of you in doing work for a system than in building out systems to do the work for you.

Read Work You Love – Part 2 for more about what to look for and where to look inside your business.

Isn’t it  time to get back to doing more of the work you love to do?