SEO, SMO or Both?

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Questions are always your key.

Keep asking because the real power is in the ask and not in the answers (but that is another post).

When you produce and publish digital content (ink, audio, images or video) there are a couple of relevant optimization factors to consider.

One factor is Search Engine Optimization and the other factor is Social Media Optimization.

Four short years ago the answer to the question between focus on SEO or SMO leaned heavily in the direction of organic search as the correct choice. Not social.

Just two years ago the answer to the same question would have tilted in the opposite direction and cited social as the right focus for a digital content strategy. Not search.

Today the answer is more and more about how a focus on both factors in a content strategy is essential for your digital content success.

Look at the most popular social media platforms and you will notice how search now plays a big part on the platform as well as indexing content to feed the ever hungry search engines.

One feeds the other and often that old which came first the chicken or the egg question is easier to answer than where the dividing line is between social and organic search.

Social platforms now have robust and ever evolving social search built in as part of the user experience.

Google is ahead of all the rest though since Google+ is the only social platform that exists as an offshoot of a major search engine.

And the most popular search platform in existence today, YouTube, is owned by the same search provider that gave us Google+.

Fortunately I’m not a SEO or SMO specialist and don’t pretend to be. I am building out this website and an online social presence for the long haul just like you are.

Fortunately too, there are trustworthy resources you and I can both turn to for quality answers.

These posts within a search engine optimization tag on Social Media Examiner are one of those resources. Inside this series you will find high quality content about SEO and SMO.

Also bookmark this on the HubSpot blog for clarity on how social media influences SEO.

Then there’s this infographic compiled from an alleged recent leak of the Google quality handbook about what human raters at the giant search engine check for on websites:

10 Hidden Gems from Google’s Leaked Quality Rater Guidelines [INFOGRAPHIC]
Infographic courtesy of:

All in all there is an abundance of quality information available to help make sense of SEO and SMO for you and your online efforts.

To sum everything up this quote from the author of the HubSpot post referenced earlier says it all…

“Years ago, when HubSpot first started teaching people about search engine optimization, one rule was essential: Above all else, create good, useful content. The rest will follow.” ~ Meghan Keaney Anderson

Questions? Ask so we can both learn.

If I don’t have the answers then a) I’ll tell you I don’t know b) I will research the answer and share what I find or c) I will personally refer you to people I trust, and have worked with, who know the answers.