Digital Content Curation Curiousity

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WARNING: This post is full of more linky goodness than you can shake a stick at.

Curation is a curious thing which even now is stirring things up on the content landscape.

What is curation and what does it have to do with helping you be the digital media producer you are?

As a digital media producer, digital curation can be useful in enhancing original content you create and steward.

Lately the purest form of the art of curation has been diluted by more than a few content producers.

Some less than informed digital publishers would like you to think that putting a bunch of content like blog posts, podcasts, videos or links from other sources up on your own site is “curating”.

It isn’t curating.

Leveraging borrowed content (even with proper attribution) does not make you (or me) a curator.

In the world of the interwebs one of the best places to observe a true curator at work is found at

At Brain Pickings, Maria Popova does digital curation as “a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness…” as only a curator can.

What follows are three individual slide decks all borrowed from the slideshare platform to add what is intended to be valuable content for this post.

Is this curation? No. It is leveraging content created by others for a blog post. Nothing more.

Does the shared content add value? If the content is of value for you as the consumer then yes it does.

Perhaps value is also added to the producers who created the originals in knowing others find their content interesting and valuable enough to share.

So while the debate continues about what curation is or isn’t, enjoy these visual treats. Links below each deck will lead you to where the deck lives on slideshare. Enjoy with milk.

First up on the menu is something from Spook Studio about lean strategy as it relates to minimum viable product creation. Not sure what lean strategy is? Embrace this presentation to learn:


Second in the lineup is an offering from This is a remarkable presentation with WOW built in. Go look for yourself then tell me what you see. Originally Derek Sivers shared this with his G+ circles:


Third is something found via a RSS reader from a resource Jane Hart posted. This deck is a fresh report on trends across categories such as mobile, advertising, eLearning and more:


Thank you for reading (and for watching).

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