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To be a better content producer, be a better content consumer.

One feeds the other and vice’ versa.

All of the links below lead to content that’s worth your attention.

These are some of the producers I respect and admire for the quality of work each of them choose to publish via their online channels.

Podcasts are a personal favorite to consume digital audio and video content (and a favorite way to publish too).

Blog posts are another preferred content consumption method I enjoy.

But I don’t subscribe to very many podcast shows or blog updates via eMail.

Instead I pull the RSS feeds directly from a favorite blog or podcast to consume posts and episodes when (or if) I choose to.

As a consumer I enjoy consuming information on my own terms just like you enjoy consuming information on your own terms.

As a producer, allowing your fans and followers to read, listen to or watch your content when and where they want is a generous way to leverage any content strategy.

Here is a taste of the digital content I am enjoying lately along with RSS links to some of the feeds in my feed reader of choice.

If RSS is a mystery, check out this short RSS tutorial video to learn more.

And enjoy these current listens, reads and feeds…

James AltucherThe Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Dealing with Excuses is one of my favorite posts. Look around for your own favorites though because he produces massive amounts of  quality digital ink content.

Also a prolific podcast producer he delivers content above and beyond with a cut to the chase style all his own (the same style he brings to his daily articles).

In a recent no holds barred interview with Kamal Ravikant, author and entrepreneur, nothing is left on the table.

The Altucher Confidential Blog RSS feed.
A James Altucher Podcast RSS feed.

Chris Brogan – Want to know and learn more about doing your best work as the owner you are? Check out the recent Experimental Life post along with an embedded podcast episode.

What does Chris do? He is a consultant, he speaks professionally, he publishes a monthly online magazine for Owners (free) and builds amazing courses.

Plus he writes business books that feel like a warm conversation with a long lost business brother you didn’t know you had (and he replies to eMails from his newsletter subscribers).

The Chris Brogan Blog RSS feed.
The Owners Mind Podcast RSS feed.

Alan Weiss – As one of the foremost in demand business consultants on the planet, Alan is the consultant many in the category wish they could be.

Direct and to the point, his recent Facebook Update post will prompt you to pause and reconsider why you’re on any social platform in the first place.

Always focused on results without dwelling in vague possibilities, Alan Weiss is sure to present relevant insights into all aspects of business and the business of life.

The Contrarian Consulting Blog RSS feed.
The Contrarian Consulting Podcast RSS feed.

Mitch Joel – No wonder Google brought this expert in to explain digital marketing to the largest companies in the world. In a recent blog post he shares How To Do The Nearly Impossible.

With experience beyond compare inside the digital marketing universe, Mitch Joel brings the conversations out of the dark and into light for marketers everywhere.

There is no one better to make the complex easier to understand and feel more doable. In addition to the blog, he has produced the Six Pixels podcast since 2006.

The Six Pixels of Separation Blog RSS feed.
The Six Pixels of Separation Podcast RSS feed.

Now it’s your turn.

Who are some of your favorite digital media producers?

Share your favorites in the comments below or shoot me an eMail.