Content Alchemy: Quest to Explore

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“Two basic rules to remember for any service business; 1) Humanity is your inventory 2) You never own any of the inventory” ~ Chris Brogan

Links mentioned in this episode are on the way. Check back for updates.

Meanwhile listen in here via the arrow on the player above or download and save the mp3 to enjoy later.

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Content Alchemy: Celebrations!

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“I love it when a plan comes together.” ~ John (aka Hannibal) Smith

Links mentioned in today’s episode are below. Click the arrow on the player above to listen in.

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Content Alchemy: Positive Challenge(s)

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“Challenge is as challenge does.” ~ (not) Forrest Gump

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Content Alchemy: Dog Days

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Summer is upon us and those old dog days have definitely set in.

Grateful though that (so far) the temps in my part of the world have been on the mild side.

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Content Alchemy: Imperative

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What an exceptionally strong word imperative is.

Since turning the switch to my content consulting business on six months ago a lot has changed.

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