The Backstory


Mark Horn isn’t the usual suspect you expect to find when you need help figuring out why you’re not attracting the people you want to work with and consistent cash flow.

At Digital Content Alchemy focus is on helping you earn desired audience attention that earns you more revenue.

From content development, creation, capture, and production, to delivery, speaking and customer service, Mark has walked almost every path any professional can walk on the direct response marketing and selling landscape.

With 10 years of hands on marketing and strategy consulting experience online plus more than 40 years of working in the trenches training, marketing and selling professionally, you want Mark by your side.

Being a catalyst, sounding board, and voice of experienced reason sets Mark apart from the rest. He’s a bridge builder that closes gaps between where you are and where you want to be. He delivers clarity by framing the system for the results you desire most so it is easy to understand, activity specific, and measureable.

Producers, visual artists, non-fiction authors, holistic practitioners, event coordinators, personal development coaches, lifestyle consultants, metaphysical professionals and more are the people Mark helps with his Digital Content Alchemy services.

Having an actual business you actively work on for long term growth is a common thread for everyone Mark serves. He doesn’t work with hobbyists. His best work often happens when you’ve got to know if an idea will gain attention and momentum before you develop and launch it for those you serve.

In a nutshell, Mark Horn is a maven for clear marketing and strategy direction using measurable results (but really he’s known among his friends as a methodical strategy engineer).

He is amazing at listening to hear what you really want. When you work with Mark confusion turns to clear and you can see both the forest and the trees on your marketing landscape more profitably. And don’t be surprised how he helps you find something to smile about when the business of marketing feels like a big sticky mess.

Bottom line? His work matters because it sets you free to earn more of your more. Maybe that is earning more money or perhaps it’s more about earning time freedoms you don’t enjoy right now.

No matter what your more is, working with Mark feels like you’re collaborating with a wise and trusted advisor you have known all of your professional life. He is someone who listens when you want to be heard the most.

DISCLAIMER: Okay. Me writing about me in third person. Not comfortable but I hope the words make sense. We are likely a lot alike. We’re each working on the day to day business of life and the life of business. Right? And some days it works better than others and we keep going forward. The easiest way to start a conversation is on this page and the services I sell are here. Always happy to connect.